Saturday, June 15, 2013

We are having a BOY!! We found out yesterday morning and are both so excited. He was moving so much inside of me while having the ultrasound, it's so incredible to see. We saw him sucking his thumb, look at us, give us a thumbs up, and there's a profile picture where you can see his lips....he definitely got those from his dad! Alex went out and bought him these adorable Jordans, and is going to keep them in the car til baby arrives :) I feel him kick everyday, it's like he's a kickboxer or something! He goes crazy! But it's such an amazing feeling, and Alex got to feel him kick for the first time on his birthday, which was such a great experience. He was so happy. I love my baby boy so much already and am so anxious for the next 20 weeks to fly by. I'm half way there!! I need to post some pictures.....SOON!! 

Yep, definitely a boy. He's struttin' his stuff!
Alex is very proud, haha.

 I know this is random..but i thought it was 
a funny picture of her sleeping.
 Happy 24th to my hunk!! Monday, the 10th was his birthday and we had a fun day together. 
I made him pancakes with bacon...we went to lunch at the Olive Garden, went golfing, and
then to dinner at Outback Steakhouse with his fam.

 I woke up early and blew probably around 40 balloons and put them around
the room, so when he woke up he'd be surprised :)
 He LOVES golf, and the 49ers, so I found some 49ers
golf tees!

 Our last exciting event was getting our first new car! Our old one was really poopin out and we found this one for a great deal, and it looks brand new inside. Perfect for baby!!!!