Thursday, June 26, 2014

   Alex's birthday was the 10th and we had a pretty fun morning. Sadly, he had to work from 2:00-10:00pm... but he opened up presents, blew out his candles, and I decorated our place for him and he loved it. It was also Alex's first Fathers Day! Logan and I made him pancakes for breakfast and Logan woke him up with a big hug and a slobber kiss:) We all went to church and Alex also had to work on Sunday so we only had the morning together. But it was a good morning. 
   Logan is EIGHT months now!!! Oh man, I cannot believe it. I want to cry on the 23rd of each month because it's just going by so fast and I miss my itty bitty baby. But watching him grow is amazing. He is so fun to be around and all around a happy baby. The other night I dreamt that he got his first tooth, and I checked his mouth the next day and he cut his first one!! It's so cute. I almost cried, haha. Now those fussy nights are making sense... but he is now army crawling, claps his hands, says dada and mama, ( mostly dada ) he loves watching Baby Einstein and also the musical group, Pentatonix. And yes, he still loves Spongebob and still smiles/laughs every time I put it on for him. He's still so smiley, and sometimes I catch him laughing at himself and he has a weird obsession with going into the bathroom... he thinks it's so fun! He loves sweet potatoes, carrots, peas (baby food, that is). I love being his mom, he teaches me so much and I love watching him grow, he is the absolute best :):):)

 Logan loved the 
streamers :)

 Fathers Day with Alex, and Facetiming
my dad/Grandpa.

 My 8 month old!