Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I am SO EXCITED to finally announce that Alex and I are expecting!!!! It was so hard to keep it a secret because all we wanted to do was tell everybody. But it is now safe to announce it, and we couldn't be happier. I have a video of Alex's reaction after I told him, but my dumb computer wont let me upload it. But while Alex was at work, I took a test and found out and was in shock! So I went out and bought a little onesie and wrapped it up. When he got  home I told him I got him a present, and while he opened it his eyes got big, and he kept whispering, "you're pregnant"? Like 5 times and then he gave a little howl at the end and he was so excited. We both just couldn't believe it. But we feel so blessed! 

Anyways! I am 13 1/2 weeks. I've lost 3.5 pounds. I'm finally starting to feel better since I'm getting into my second trimester. I'm still not really showing yet, I'm excited to start showing, but it's been nice to stay skinny as long as possible, haha. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl! Even though my prediction is a girl:) I'd be happy either way. I'm due November 1. I cant wait to meet my little peach, and to be a mommy. 

My older sister is also pregnant with her third child and she's due November 2!!! So exciting to share this time with her and to be an Auntie again! In case you're wondering, the baby is looking at you, the head, two little arms, and two little eggs. Cutest little peach, ( that's what Alex and I call him/her since we don't know the sex ). 

Uncle Alex always playing with the neph's :)

 I love my mama bear and our twin hair 

 I love when all my sisters are together. We love our 
93 year old grandma. She's too cute.
 Easter egg hunt time!! Gotta have their
Spiderman eggs :)

 I love this face.

 Great-Grandma Joyce helping Ethan find the eggs.

These pictures are a little late, but we finally got a second cord for our  computer cause our other one broke. So this is from Easter weekend, and the boys going on their easter egg hunt! It was inside because of the rain, but we all still had a blast. It's so fun watching the boys enjoy themselves, I remember having easter egg hunts with my sisters, such good memories :) They both got a dollar in each egg, they obviously loved that part too. On Monday we all drove to Chico and went bowling. I think they boys did better than my sister Katie....haha, but it was fun watching everyone get gutterballs, strikes, and watching my dad and Alex get upset about their performance. It was too bad that Shane and Nate couldn't come, but I cant wait for us all to be together again because we have the best time!! I have the best family ever :)